Features of Mr Fire X

  • Quick fire suppression: hydrocarbons, alcohols, solids, fuels, etc.
  • High cooling capacity.
  • Avoids reignition.
  • Forms a stable foam, heat resistant.
  • Easy to clean up after use.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Capacity: 250 ml. Weight: 345 gr. Height: 21 cm. Diameter: 5 cm
  • Can be stored from -40 Deg C to 70 Deg C
  • Non toxic nor irritant.
  • User friendly. No instructions needed.
  • Expands 30 times its size.
  • Small size and easy to store.
  • Anyone can use it.

The ergonomic high-quality aluminium container has BoldFoam F-40 as extinguishing agent and liquefied gas R 143 A as propellant, which is normally used on refrigeration duties and it is non flammable nor toxic and it doesn’t damage the ozone layer. It can be used by anyone no matter age, complexion or previous knowledge on extinguishers, producing in 15-20 seconds about 7-9 liters of light foam of excellent adherence (both in vertical and horizontal surfaces) and great thermal resistance.

BoldFoam F-40 acts upon hot vegetable oil saponifying the grease, that is, converting it into soap which is easily removable with water. Its smooth application prevents splashing during the extinguishing process, thereby avoiding fire spreading.